Balance of Well-Being

While these characterizations are a bit a silly, I really like how they have captured so many different “all stars” that contribute to our well-being. It is challenging to achieve all of these aspects of life, but it is possible, and our lives are healthier and happier because of them. Often this is not recognized until we experience the benefits of incorporating them into our lives regularly.

Creative outlet – This can range from coloring, doodling, journaling, playing an instrument – use your imagination! As we age out of the elementary school years it seems like people engage in this outlet less. Play is our first language. Our brains are intrinsically creative and crave these outlets. It can also be a great form of being mindful – a moment to forget the stress of social or work life.

Exercise – Carving out time for exercise poses as an obstacle, but the benefits are numerous – self-esteem, healthier lives, increased satisfaction with our body, engaging in routine, better sleep, etc. Start with a small goal – even if it’s just 30 minutes twice a week. Once you’ve maintained this achievement increase the goal to three times a week. It is expected that you will fall out of this routine time to time. What matters is that you get back on it! Eventually you’ll find that the frequency and duration of falling out of exercise grows shorter the longer you’re committed to it.

Routine – It is really healthy to have a general routine (but not too rigid of a routine). Part of a routine is cutting out time to balance all of these “all stars” aka self-care. Make it a routine to engage in creative outlets or social functions or time by yourself to recharge your batteries.

Sleep – What is there to be said about sleep that you don’t already know from your experiences of not getting enough? We feel it all day when we don’t get enough sleep. Research shows there’s no such thing as “catching up” on sleep – either you get enough in a night or you don’t. When it comes to healthy sleep habits they say no screens in bed or near bed time. Establish a routine around bed time that incorporates self-care. It’s a great way to make a little time to unwind each night.

Meditation – This can look differently for everyone – prayer, guided meditation, yoga, gardening.

Social activity- I’m a big believer in work-life balance and I think friends are a big part of this.

Healthy diet – Vitamins and a healthy dose of vegetables are important. Cut out what you can – soda, processed candy bars – but also enjoy life. If you like chocolate, eat it! Just eat it in moderation.

Love – Pets, family, friends – we were designed for relationships. Be vulnerable with important relationships in your life. Practice kindness, patience, and selflessness with others and it will come back to you 10 fold.

Sun/air – As our worlds become more and more digital we spend less time with fresh air and sunlight. A walk in the woods does more for your body than you can imagine. Read more about some of the benefits here.

Humor – My absolute favorite and rather self-explanatory. Laughing does so much for us both personally and in our relationships when we laugh with others. Laughter is so important they’ve even developed therapy known as laughter therapy.

Therapy – Therapy can be a great opportunity to slow down and focus on ourselves and the areas we would like to improve. In this go, go, go world it’s good to slow down and hear our thoughts out loud and have the perspective of a trained professional.

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