Restaurants are closed, travel is restricted, groceries stores are.. out of control, and school is out for what seems to be an indefinite amount of time for some. A lot of parents are struggling with this new routine as they must balance their own work-life schedules and now their children’s suddenly fully open schedule.

Having down time is important, but having down time built into a routine is even more important. Whether kids believe it or not, they crave routine. It helps increase self-esteem, feelings of success, and is a life skill that needs to be acquired on some level for successful adulthood.

It is important to speak to kids about creating a schedule, and get their input on what they would like their days to look like and how they would like to obtain and measure their success in accomplishing goals. Below are some suggestions for planning with your child/teen or even partner about how to still get those good feels of accomplishment while managing this quarantine. Stay well!

Here is how I want to feel about my break:
Here are the new skills I want to develop:
Here are the projects I want to complete:
Here is how I want to make progress in school or this is my plan to stay on top of school:
These are the books I want to read:
These are the activities I want to do:
This is my plan to stay physically active:
This is how I plan to help around the house with chores:
These are the meals I want to learn how to make for our family:
Here is how I want to stay connected with my friends and family:
Here is how I want to stay aware of the news:
Here is how I want to give back to my community:
These are the things I want to do for fun and relaxation:

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